just for lulz...
Страх и смятение маленькой девочки перед печальной неизбежностью. Тонкая и талантливая своим визуальным решением студенческая работа бельгийки Karolien Raeymaekers.

В какой–то мере это автобиографическая работа:

"... A couple of years ago I lost my grandmother to cancer. We were very close, but because of my studies I didn’t see her often. I knew she was sick, but only heard she was dying when it was too late. When I arrived at the hospital, she was already in a deep coma. I was told that I still had the chance to say goodbye to her, that she would still hear me, but I just couldn’t. What laid there in front of me wasn’t my grandmother anymore. For me, it was a horrible sight. After this I was very confused. I started to have disturbing nightmares about her dying over and over again. In these dreams there were all kinds of surreal locations, like the backstage of a theater, an underwater world, and a field full of flowers. I figured these dreams and places would be a nice starting point for a short..."


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